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Muscular System: Origin, Insertion, and Action: EYE: -Frontalis: O- Cranial Aponeurosis, I- Eyebrows, A: Raises Eyebrow -Orbicularis Oculi: O-Medial Orbit, I-Eyelids, A: Closes Eyes -Dorsal, Lateral, Medial, Ventral Rectus: O: Posteromedial Orbit, I: Dorsal, Lateral, Medial, Ventral eyeball, A: Moves eye -Dorsal and Ventral Oblique: O-Anteromedial Orbit, I: Dorsal and Ventral eyeball, A: Rotates eye counterclockwise and clockwise MOUTH: -Levator Labii: O- Inferior Margin of Orbit, I: Orbicularis Oris, A: Raises upper lip -Depressor Labii: O-Mandible. I: Lower Lip. A: Depresses lower lip Zygomaticus Major: O: Zygomatic, I: Angle of mouth, A: Retracts, Elevates (Smile) -Orbicularis Oris: O: Maxilla and Mandible, I: Lips, A: Purses lips (Kiss) JAW: -Temporalis: O: Frontal and temporal, I: Mandible, A: Elevates mandible (closes mouth) -Masseter: O: Zygomatic arch, I: Mandible, A: Elevates mandible -Pterygoids: O: Pterygoid Process (sphenoid) I: mandible, A: Moves mandible side to
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Unformatted text preview: side (Chew)-Digastric: O: Mandible, I: Hyoid, A: Depresses mandible, elevates larynx NECK:-Sternocleidomastoid: O: Clavicle and Manubrium, I: Mastoid Process, A: Flexes Neck-Splemius: O: Spinous processes I: Mastoid Process, A: Extends head and neck CHEST:-External Intercostals: O: Inferior border of rib, I: Superior border of rib, A: Elevates Rib-Internal Intercostals: O: Superior border of rib, I: Inferior border or rib, A:Depresses Rib-Diaphragm: O: Inferior rib cage and Lumbar vert. I: Central Tendon, A: Expands thoracic cavity ABDOMEN:-External Oblique: O: Ribs, I: Linea Alba, A: Compresses abs and flexes trunk-Internal Oblique: O: Vertebrae, I: Linea Alba, A: Same as above-Rectus Abdominis: O: Pubis, I: Sternum, A: Same as above-Transverses Abdominis: O: Ribs and vertebrae, I: Linea Alba, A: Same as above...
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