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Sarah Ohlinger Dr. Henle Business 341 30 September 2008 Pro’s of Addressing Cultural Differences Addressing cultural differences in business is a very important aspect of making a successful business deals. Chinese culture is very different than American, and sometimes can be difficult to understand. The chinese culture is built around the idea of Guanxi, which refers to a Chinese system of doing business on the basis of personal relationships and its represenative of the way that business is done throughout much of the non-western world. American companies have to establish a relationship on a personal level before and after the sale takes place. The relationship is first established by treating the partener with decency and respect. Secondly, it starts with and builds on the trustworthiness of the
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Unformatted text preview: individual or the company. Third, being dependable and reliable definitely strengthens the relationship. It is like being friends, and friends can count on each other in good and tough times. Avoiding racial discrimination is another aspect of building relationships that should be taken into account. Employees should be trained to be patient while working with the Chinese and not to act rude or impatient. Avoiding racial discrimination will avoid embarrassment of your company. In securing business relationships, strong communication should be key. Interperters may be needed if English is not spoken. Face to face meetings are very important and build a strong sense of trust, rather than just emailing back and forth....
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