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Final- Discussion #2

Final- Discussion #2 - particular could have been due in...

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Sarah Ohlinger Mr. Kresge NFS 236 26 November 2007 Discussion of the Use of the Three Computer Programs I believe that FoodWorks gave the most accurate values. In comparing my values to the national standards, FoodWorks came out closest and most realistic. For example, when using Nutritionist Pro most of my values were incredibly higher than the national standards. FoodWorks and Food Processor SQL were very close in values, however I know for a fact that I don’t consumer 2700 calories a day and 2240 sounds more realistic to me. FoodWorks was the only program that gave me a reasonable sodium value that was not triple the standard. Values differ among the three programs for many different reasons. Some in
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Unformatted text preview: particular could have been due in part by not having equal portion sizes to pick from when choosing to input the foods. Also, there are many different name brand food types to choose from all which differ in caloric and nutrient content. I also found that not all the programs had the exact food item I was looking for, so I had to come up with a food that was similar to the one I had recorded on my food diary. If I could afford a program I would probably purchase FoodWorks. This program was very easy to use and had most of the exact food items I had recorded on my food record. I think the way the program breaks up the charts is easy to use and overall is very user friendly....
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