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24 Hour Food Recall

24 Hour Food Recall - 24 Hour Food Recall I Introduction 1...

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24 Hour Food Recall I) Introduction: 1) The interviewer made the client feel comfortable by establishing a setting free of interruption, and keeping eye contact throughout the assessment. The interviewer also established rapport by shaking their head and listening carefully to what the client had to say. 2) The interviewer clearly described the process by which the client would use to record their daily food intake, by describing how to record amounts and measurements of food. When the client had returned the 24 hour food recall, the measurements were followed correctly. 3) The interviewer used neutral questions, such as “what is the first thing you eat or drink in the morning?” Or “do you like to eat vegetables?” Neutral questions allow the client to talk about information he or she feels is important without any pressure from the interviewer. 4) (a) The interviewer began the food recall starting with what the client had eaten in the morning (b) The interviewer probed for more specific answers regarding what brand names of foods were eaten. The interviewer used probing responses such as “tell me more about
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your snacks in between meals” and “go on…” The interviewer kept eye contact and used head nodding to show and interest in what the client had to say. (c) The interviewer used food models to help the client estimate portion sizes. Beverage intake was estimated using a water bottle to estimate fluid ounces. 5) The interviewer asked the client whether or not the 24 hour recall was indeed a typical day or not, and the client responded that it was not due to a busy schedule. The client did not eat any meat because they were busy and explained that protein sources usually included some sort of grilled chicken or turkey. 6) The interviewer asked about supplement use, and the client stated that they use Target brand weight management daily vitamin with EGCG. II) Methods: The 24 hour food record was given to the client after the interviewer explained how to record foods, measurements, and amounts. The client returned the food record correctly with the times that foods were eaten, the brand names, and the amounts clearly listed out in specific measurements. The interviewer checked over the recall for anything that needed to
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