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Sarah Ohlinger Professor Koness NFS 443 Lab 18 November 2009 Lab #8: Documentation 1) ADI: A: Energy intake ~3400calories. Height/weight BMI FH 1.61 (pg 31) Ht 5’10”, Wt 200lbs, BMI 28.8, Waist circumference 42” indicating high risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or type 2 diabetes. Biochemical lab total cholesterol value 230 mg/dL indicates borderline high cholesterol levels, LDL 160 mg/dL indicating high levels of LDL, HDL 32 mg/dL, indicating low HDL levels, TG 200mg/dL indicating high TG levels. According to the dietary recall, Total fat intake FH 1.61 (pg 31) ~ 1200 calories (35% kcals from diet). Total Protein intake FH 1.62 (pg 31) ~11% kcals from total diet. Tobacco use CH1.1.8 of one half pack of cigarettes per day. D: Excessive energy intake R/T high fat intake, high alcohol intake, increased stress levels, quick meal planning and decreased physical activity AEB BMI of 28.8, 42 in waist circumference, 120% IBW and 10lb weight gain over the past 2 years. I: Recommend: Smoking cessation Client should be consuming around ~2900 calories to promote 1lb weight loss per week.
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Increase physical activity (30 min 3-5 days/wk) Decreased saturated fat intake Moderate weight loss of 7-10% within 6 months Decrease sodium intake Increase fruit and vegetable intake
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