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Exam 1 Notes - Exam 1 Drama of Scripture-The bible provides...

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Exam 1: Drama of Scripture -The bible provides us with the basic story that we need in order to understand our world and to live in it as God’s people. ACT I: -Elohim = God -Genesis 1 proclaims the truth about God, about humankind, and about the world. -Introduces God as the infinite, eternal, uncreated person who by his creative actions brings the whole of creation into existence. -God doesn’t hold himself distant from his creation. He’s not a monarch that rules from afar and takes no interest in his territories. -God has a particular task and invites us to participate in it with him, filling and ordering the world, which he has given for us. GENESIS 1&2 = Personal character of God is shown -Shows personal concern for Adam and Eve GENESIS 1: -Looks at humankind in its relationship to the world -Similarity b/w God and humans while not denying that we are radically different -If humankind is created in “God’s Image” then in some way we are like the one who created us -Just as God is ruling us God wants us to rule over the earth and be fruitful and increase in number -Humans are supposed to serve as his “under kings” and rule over his creation so his reputation is enhanced within his cosmic kingdom GENESIS 2: -Focuses on the man and the woman in their relationships to one another and God -To be human means to have huge freedom and responsibility, to respond to God and to be held accountable for that response. -We’re put here to discover the hidden potentials in God’s creation so that the whole of it may celebrate his glory -The fact that God put us here to finish out his creation is a compliment to humans -God made man and woman because none of us can stand fully human on our own- You need both a woman and a man to create another being. ACT II: Autonomy: Choosing oneself as the source for determining what is right and what is wrong rather than relying on God’s word for direction.
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ADAM AND EVE -Serpent suggests that God is afraid that his humans might become his equals once they know good and evil experientially, through eating fruit of the tree he told them not to. -Adam and Eve don’t die as soon as they eat the fruit- But something IN THEM DIES. -Their sense of themselves and their relationship with one another is shattered. -The become morbidly self conscious and cover up their nakedness -This is the first time they feel shame. -Their relationship with the lord is also broken- They hide from him in fear and shame -God makes childbirth more painful and makes it harder to grow crops and sends them out of Eden. GENESIS 3: -Quest for autonomy- A desire to separate ourselves from God -Focuses on the breakdown of those relationships following the human mutiny against the divine King. -Humans are made for relationship- but sin effect is to drive us apart.
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