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Exam 2 Notes - Exam 2: Drama of Scripture ACT 4: THE COMING...

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Exam 2: Drama of Scripture ACT 4: THE COMING OF THE KING: REDEMPTION ACCOMPLISHED -Old Testament = God’s moving among the people of Israel to make progress toward the goal, of his first acts of redemption ad restoration, and of his repeated promises that one day he will complete for the whole of creation what he has begun with this one small nation -In Jesus Christ that renewal and restoration is revealed in its final shape as the Kingdom of God JESUS SHOWS US WHAT SALVATION LOOKS LIKE: -The power of God to heal -To make new is vividly present in all his words and actions DEATH = Jesus accomplishes that salvation: at the cross he wages war against the powers of evil and defeats them RESURRECTION = Jesus opens the door to the new creation and then holds that do open and invites us to join him GOSPEL: -Good news: Jesus brigs the Kingdom of God -The good news was initially spread by word of mouth, soon these stories were written down -Include: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- Purpose is to tell the good news about Jesus GOSEPELS: -Each of the Gospel authors shines the light of good news on a particular historical situation, selecting events from the eyewitness stories of what Jesus said and did -Arrangement is not in chronological order, rather what the authors felt important MARKS GOSPEL: -Jesus tells the news that: The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news -Not only had God’s kingdom come at least to Israel, it has come in HIMSELF, he claims JESUS: -Jesus of Nazareth has been sent by the Father to make known the good news of the kingdom ZEALOTS: -Espoused revolution SADDUCEES: -Promoted compromise with the Roman authorities
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PHARISEES: -Taught strict cultural and religious separation ESSENES: -Advocated complete withdrawal *These 4 cultures are different but they all collectively hate for the Gentiles and those of whom are outside the covenant JESUS: -Views are much different than these 4 groups -The way of love and suffering -Love of enemies instead of destruction -Unconditional forgiveness instead of retaliation -Readiness to suffer instead of using force -Blessing for peacemakers instead of hymns of hate and revenge JESUS EARLY YEARS: MARK: Begins with John the Baptist’s Ministry to remind us of the Old Testament prophecies of the forerunner who is to prepare the path for the coming Messiah MATTHEW: -Gospel looks back further, rooting Jesus’ ministry in the story of Israel begun in Abraham -Jesus enters history I order to complete Israel’s story LUKE: -Reaches back further all the way to Adam t show the good news about time -BEFORE CREATION -Jesus is eternal, uncreated Word, present with God from the beginning JESUS: The birth of Jesus is the incarnation of God in human history -Begotten not my his legal earthly father (Joseph) but by the Holy Spirits power in the womb of the virgin Mary -Born in the line of David and even shares the same birthplace: Bethlehem -Jesus grows up in Nazareth -When he was 12 years old his parents accidentally leave him behind and they find him in
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Exam 2 Notes - Exam 2: Drama of Scripture ACT 4: THE COMING...

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