Exam 1 Review

Exam 1 Review - -Typed, printed out by Friday -1-3...

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-Typed, printed out by Friday -1-3 paragraphs -Use books and notes -Can quote articles w/out giving references just use quotes POSSIBLE QUESTIONS: 1) Patriarchy- What is it? How does it work? Is it the same everywhere? Patriarchy- gender ideology that prescribes how ppl ought to behave -Privileges men and disempowers women from succeeding -Doesn’t mean that all men will succeed and all women will fail -Just means that men have an advantage -It’s much more severe in certain societies -Saudi Arabia- Women have more rights (we don’t have to cover our face) 2) How does aging affect women than it does men (List) -Menopause (marker) -More devalued in women -Old age is not valued -Women live longer -Healthier in old age -Poorer than older men - 3) What is socialization? What are some socializing agencies and how do they work? Psychological perspective- Socialization is the process of personality formation and the process of learning where you fit in society -Most occurs as a child -SOCIALIZING AGENTS: -Parents -Schools and teachers -Gender messages in school in the way they interact and what you’re supposed to
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Exam 1 Review - -Typed, printed out by Friday -1-3...

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