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Exam 2 Take Home - Ohlinger 1 Sarah Ohlinger Dr Brennan WMS...

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Ohlinger 1 Sarah Ohlinger Dr. Brennan WMS 150 30 November 2009 Women’s Studies Exam 2 1) The fact that women are devalued is a main reason as to why demographics have shown that millions of women are missing all around the world. In countries like China and England baby boys are favored over baby girls, thus the parents of girls will “eliminate” their child by killing them. These murders go unreported which increases the number of women missing around the world. Some older women get sold to men to be their wives, which also increases the number of unreported women. Many women in the US and in other countries are subjected to rape, sexual abuse and murder. Once men have killed these women, they dispose of them just like garbage so they won’t go to jail (again these women go unreported). It’s very difficult to track where all these missing women are when many countries don’t even acknowledge the crimes committed against women. In class we discussed rape in Pakistan, and according to the government it’s against the law for a woman to have sex outside marriage. Even if the woman was a victim of rape, she still is punished for having sex outside of her husband’s marriage even though it was forced upon her. These women are stoned to death, while the rapist only gets whipped. Human sex trafficking is another instance where many women go missing. Women from the west desire to come to the US to improve their economic situation in hopes of a better life. These foreign women are promised a modeling job in the US, however instead human sex traffickers steal their passports, rape and murder them. Without passports these women are illegal and uncounted for once they
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Ohlinger 2 are murdered. If these women aren’t killed they are sold into prostitution and usually die from AIDS of HIV. 2) Some fraternities encourage rape and sexual abuse just by the values these societies hold. The view of a “brotherhood” usually promotes these sexual activities within the fraternity. The fact that fraternities usually have their own house with little to no adult supervision is a recipe for disaster. Members in fraternities usually have a collective mentality that they all need to prove
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Exam 2 Take Home - Ohlinger 1 Sarah Ohlinger Dr Brennan WMS...

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