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Exam 1 Notes - Womens Studies Exam 1 Notes FEMINISM-People...

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Women’s Studies Exam 1 Notes FEMINISM: -People have been oppressed and there’s power that’s been held back -Someone who values women as much as men and believe women should have equal rights -Focuses on racism, ageism INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: -Women were the backbone- working in textile mills -Aristotle: “A Woman is a defective man.” -Men are the norm- women do not measure up PATRIARCHY: -Men are at an advantage. There’s a roadblock for women -Does not mean that all men will succeed/ not all women will fail. -Does not mean that all men are suppressing women -There’s a lot out there and not all are the same -Saudi Arabia vs. US patriarchy is much different -In Saudi Arabia women can’t vote, drive and must be covered up in public SEX: Biological GENDER: Social INTERSEXED CHILDREN: -If there’s no health issue- Doctors are telling parents to let it be and let the child decide later on. -People that change their gender are actually reinforcing their gender. -Women with children is a mainstream concept -If a man is holding a child, the man gets extra attention more so than a woman would. MALE CRISIS: -Boys are committing 85% of the violence in the US -Men are killing mostly men -Men commit most suicides, homicides and violent aggressive acts -The US DOES have a male crisis CAUSE: -Men are aggressive b/c it’s in their genes -Any boy that doesn’t measure up gets beaten up or made fun of at a young age -Biological: They’re supposed to be that way HOW TO CONTROL: -Corporal Punishment: Physically harm a boy to keep from being violent
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-Using aggression and violence to control aggression is only reinforcing that violence is good *Aggression is NOT biological* *Feminism is responsible for the boy crisis- It’s made men more aggressive and violent -If women stayed in the house and didn’t mix gender roles- Men wouldn’t have to rise above and be even more violent to find their place in society -Men are feeling less masculine b/c women are taking on more masculine roles MASCULINITY is an IDEOLOGY- Guys are supposed to be tough -Guys can be angry in public, however they can’t show emotion KIMMEL: -Believes we should apply feminist principles to society -People should be equal -Both genders have the right to emotions BIOLOGICAL DETERMINISM: (Dated back to the 1950’s) -All behavior in humans have roots in genetics -Men are genetically aggressive -Women are genetically nurturing and aren’t competitive -Men and women have different reproductive strategy: WOMEN = Find one good man and produce child MEN = Get laid with as many women as possible SEXUAL DIMORPHISM: -Within a species, you have males that have 1 body form and women with 1 body form -Most things on the planet come in either Male or Female (Plants, Animals, and Humans) *Body Structure:* -Male Lions have manes and are 40% bigger than female lions -Some species aren’t dimorphic- Can’t tell by looking at them if they’re male or female DIMORPHIC DIFFERENCE IN HUMANS: Pelvic Structure -Women have a broader pelvis (birth canal)
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Exam 1 Notes - Womens Studies Exam 1 Notes FEMINISM-People...

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