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Exam 2 Notes - Exam 2 Notes LANGUAGE-Women have more...

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Exam 2 Notes LANGUAGE: -Women have more intonation -More interjections -More colorful speech -More fillers -Women tend to be more polite than men -Men speak more directly and more authoritatively -Women make statements as questions b/c it’s more polite- Looking for an answer or a response PAGIRATION: -Bad/negatve meaning -A word that was neutral becomes bad -This happens to words that refer to women EX: -Mistress (Used to refer to women of the home- now it’s a sexual meaning) -Madam (Used to be a word to refer to women)- Now madam’s oversee brothels -Mother -> Motha ( ) LAST NAMES: -Men don’t have to change their last names when they get married -Men’s marital stats is not reflected in their title -Women go from Ms. To Mrs. ALICE WALKER: WOMANIST: -Comes from womanish: To act womanish means to act feminine, girly, frills -Means to be Responsible, Courageous, taking charge and taking risks -Someone who appreciates women’s culture -Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender -Purple = Darker, Stronger, Royal -Lavender = Delicate, Softer, Faded PUSH: -Named because the main character has to push to get her baby out and constantly push to get her way -Precious was homophobic and needed to be homophobic to feel normal SPANKING: -We don’t have a consensus as to what is acceptable -Discipline should be up to the parent? ABUSE: -1/3 of kids who are abused grow up and abuse their children -Women are supposed to be the passive and nurturing ones
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-Men are supposed to act violent if things get out of control POVERTY: -Federal poverty line- states have their own -2009: Family of 2 = More than 14,570 not eligible for any federal help Family of 3 = More than $18,310 not eligible for any services -Back in the day, food was the most expensive thing- today its rent -A lot of people are living over the poverty line, but come very close LESBIANS: CAUSE OF HOMOSEXUALITY: -They used to put lesbians in mental institutions and have their husbands rape them -Electroshock therapy- DIDN’T WORK -Treated as a disease CAUSES: -Not a lifestyle choice- People would have done anything to be straight but they can’t change it -Genetic -Central Park penguins- 2 male penguins mated exclusively with each other- If they were humans it would be viewed as gay- They wanted to have a baby b/c they would incubate rocks -Zookeepers gave them an egg and the males took care of it and it was a straight girl ISLAND OFF THE COAST OF NEW GUINEA: -Support male sexuality around this island -Island is in the middle between patriarchy and matriarchy -No homosexuality on that island- Genetics aren’t different- Culture is different -Link b/w patriarchy and homosexuality? -They don’t look down on it- they don’t have it
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Exam 2 Notes - Exam 2 Notes LANGUAGE-Women have more...

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