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Lab Exercise: Antibiotics- Evaluation using Kirby Bauer method. OBJECTIVES 1. Compare the antimicrobial capabilities of different antibiotics. 2. Compare effectiveness of with different types of bacteria. 3. Utilize aseptic techniques. INTRODUCTION You may have heard of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus , or MRSA. This strain of S. aureus is resistant to most used antibiotics and therefore a dangerous concern. This lab will look at how resistant different bacteria are to some known antibiotics. The Kirby-Bauer test for antibiotic susceptibility , otherwise known as the disc diffusion test , is a standard that has been used for years. It may be used even before a clinical sample is identified. A sample from an infected patient can be swabbed and plated. Antibiotics can be used to determine a preferred course of treatment against this infection. One trouble with this test is that different antimicrobial compounds have different sizes and solubilities. A standard for comparison is required. We will use a standardized media, Mueller Hinton agar.
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5Tues_Antibiotics - Lab Exercise: Antibiotics- Evaluation...

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