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5Tues_Antiseptics and disinfectants - Lab Exercise:...

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Lab Exercise: Antiseptics and Disinfectants- Evaluation using filter paper method OBJECTIVES 1. Compare the antimicrobial capabilities of different antiseptic and disinfectant chemicals. 2. Compare effectiveness of antiseptics with different type of bacteria. 3. Utilize aseptic techniques. INTRODUCTION Both of antiseptics and disinfectants are substances are agents that kill, or at least control the growth of, microbes. Antiseptics are agents that are used on living tissue. Examples include alcohol or iodine. Disinfectants are used on non-living things such as floors, counter tops, dishes, etc. They are usually stronger and are too toxic to be used on living tissue. A common disinfectant is bleach or Cavicide in our lab. They have various ways of killing organisms such as interfering with the way they make their cell walls so they blow up, or prevent them from reproducing somehow. In this lab we will compare the effectiveness of several disinfectants and antiseptics with each other on different bacteria species. See page 102 in the Alexander atlas for more information on this procedure, as well as photographs. LAB EXERCISES
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5Tues_Antiseptics and disinfectants - Lab Exercise:...

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