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Chapter 25 PPT spring

Chapter 25 PPT spring - C ha pter 25 D i sea se of the di...

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Unformatted text preview: C ha pter 25: D i sea se of the di gesti ve tr a ct Lectur e Str uctur e Upper di gesti ve system di seases Food poi soni ng Bacter i al enter i ti s Vi r al enter i ti s Pr otozoan di seases H el mi nthi c di seases D i gesti ve system D ental car r i es D ental decay Per i odontal di sease Staphyl ococcal food poi soni ng Sal monel l osi s V i br i o chol er ae- chol er a H el i cobacter pyl or i - pepti c ul cer di sease U l cer for mati on H epati ti s Tr ansmi ssi on H epati ti s A H epati ti s B H epati ti s C H epati ti s D H epati ti s E Fecal -or al Par enter al , STD Par enter al Par enter al , H BV coi nfecti on Fecal -or al Causati ve agent Pi cor navi r i dae H epadnavi r i dae Fi l ovi r i dae Del tavi r i dae Cal i ci vi r i dae Chr oni c l i ver d i sease No Yes Yes Yes No Vacci ne I nacti vated vi r us Recombi nant No H BV vacci ne No Gi ar di a l ambl i a- gi ar di asi s E ntamoeba hi stol yti ca- amoebi c dysenter y H el mi nthi c di seases ...
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