Week 6- Presentation handout

Week 6- Presentation handout - Microbial diversity...

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Microbial diversity symposium Fall 2009 You will now have the opportunity to research a small subset of microorganisms and get the chance to teach the rest of us about them! The format of our symposium will be relaxed and interactive, so that all students feel comfortable about presenting. However, the ability to present a cohesive and interesting discussion is an important skill to master and will be invaluable in your future careers. You will be assigned a number from 1-24 . Look at the below list of organisms for those you are responsible for. Groups of microbes found under the number in parenthesis should be included in your presentation. Some assignments include specific genera, while others include orders, families, or phyla. Obviously, you do not need to include every species found in your particular genera, order, family, or phyla! For the group of microbes listed, you should present at least one example species. Use your text as a guide to what should be included (although feel free to add in other organisms that you find interesting). This is a time to be creative and really learn about the fascinating diversity of the microbial world. For example: If you pick (1), you should present on Ehrlichia and Rickettsia, including at least one important or interesting species. If you have any questions on what your assignment is, please ask now. You will be responsible for covering the assigned microbes. Domain Bacteria - Proteobacteria o Alpha Ehrlichia (1) Rickettsia o Beta Bordatella (2) Neisseria o Gamma Legionella (3) Psuedomonas Vibrio (4) Enterobacter
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Week 6- Presentation handout - Microbial diversity...

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