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Miramar College Biology 205 Microbiology Midterm Exam Study Guide These learning objectives are intended as a study guide. This is not necessarily a complete guide and as such is not intended to be the sole source of your studies. You should use your notes, text, lab manuals and other resources in order to make sure that you are fully prepared for your exam. 1. Purchase a Scantron (½ sheet, bluish-green accent color) . 2. Define microorganism, what are the various roles that microbes play on the planet? 3. Know how to correctly write an organism name using scientific nomenclature. 4. What is normal flora/microbiota? Why is it important to the overall health of the host? 5. As with many theories in science, the idea of spontaneous generation was accepted as truth for some time. Describe this theory and discuss the various experiments and scientists that led to its disproval. 6. Describe and give a function of the following microscopes: a. brightfield b. phase-contrast c. transmission electron d. scanning electron 7. Define the following terms and their relationship to microscopy and staining: a. resolution b. immersion oil c. negative (acidic) dyes d. positive (basic) dyes e. differential stains f. special stains g. mordant 8. What are the major differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
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