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Miramar College Biology 205 Microbiology Lab Midterm Study Guide These objectives are intended as a study guide. This is not necessarily a complete guide and as such is not intended to be the sole source of your studies. You should use your notes, text, lab manuals, and other resources in order to make sure that you are fully prepared for your exam. Remember to look at the Objectives listed for every lab, these are a helpful guide to your studying as well. Topics & experiments covered in lab are fair game, even if you personally did not perform them. Remember to bring a calculator! Lab 2: The Microscope Know the microscope, including parts, function, field of view, use, and care (including putting away your microscope properly). Understand how to calculate field of view for a microscope. Lab Exercises 3–5: Aseptic Technique; Microbial Ubiquity; Pure Culture Techniques Know the principles of aseptic technique; the steps in transferring bacteria using sterile technique.
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