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Unformatted text preview: Miramar College Biology 205 General Microbiology Lab Midterm Exam II Study Guide The following questions are meant to guide your studying, and are not meant to replace carefully studying your lab manual, lab notebook and any handouts you have received in lab. Do not assume that something will not be on the exam simply because it does not appear on this study guide. Remember to bring a calculator! Determination of a Bacteriophage Titer Know introductory material. Understand and be able to perform serial dilutions and to recognize and count PFUs. Physiological & Biochemical Tests for Minor & Major unknowns For all of the tests performed in lab, be able to identify: the media used, the chemical being tested, and a positive and negative result as well as what enzymes are present and causing the reactions you see. You can be sure that you will see several of these media out and you will need to determine whats happening. For instance, if there is a lactose Durham sugar tube and it is cloudy, yellow and and you will need to determine whats happening....
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