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San Diego Co San Diego Co San Diego CoMM MM MM , unity College District unity College District unity College District unity College District Mira Mira MiraMar College ar College ar College , Tentative Course Syllabus Tentative Course Syllabus Fall 2009 Biology Biology 205 , General Microbiology General Microbiology c Instructor : Crista DiBernardo-Wagner envelopeback eMail eMail : [email protected] Phone : 850-207-9256 (cell) fax Fax : 619-388-7492 eleventhirty Class Ho Hours urs : MW 5:00 – 9:25 pm The course website can be accessed via the URL http://www.professorcrista.com/ Required Materials Required Materials Textbooks: Tortora, Gerard et al . Microbiology, An Introduction . Any recent edition, syllabus refers to the 9 th edition. Alexander, Steve K. & Dennis Strete. Microbiology A Photographic Atlas For The Laboratory . Laboratory materials: 1. Lab Exercises, downloadable in pdf format from the Course Website (URL above), printed by the individual student. 2. A lab packet purchased from the college bookstore, including microscope slides, lens paper, bibulous paper, inoculating loop and inoculating needle. You may also want to purchase a microscope slide holder/container. 3. A bound laboratory notebook to be used only for the lab portion of this course. Loose sheets of paper are NOT acceptable. 4. A permanent fine-tipped marker ( e.g., a Sharpie ® ). A “Twin Tip” Sharpie is extra handy. additional Materials available for your use during lab additional Materials available for your use during lab additional Materials available for your use during lab Holt, John et al . Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology Catalog Description Catalog Description This is an introductory course covering the fundamental aspects of microbiology including taxonomy, structure, physiology, reproduction, genetics, control, immunology and host-parasite relations. Basic techniques for culturing, staining, counting and identifying microorganisms are emphasized in the laboratory. This course is designed to meet the requirements to enter para-medical or medical fields. Field trips may be taken during laboratory periods. (FT) Transfer Credit: CSU; UC. Prerequisites rerequisites rerequisites rerequisites The Written English Proficiency (WEP) and a recent college chemistry course with a grade of C or better. Because microbiology is a specialized science, Miramar College requires that you complete a basic life science such as Biology 105 and 106 or Biology 107 AND chemistry before you attempt Microbiology. High School Chemistry and biology is not equivalent. NO PREREQUISITES, NO ADMITTANCE! Course Objectives Course Objectives Upon completion of General Microbiology, the student will have: Recognized terminology, specific facts, experimental methodologies and general concepts associated with the following topics: 1. Development of lab techniques used in microbiology; chemical evolution, microbial diversity and taxonomy; morphology and fine structure of microorganisms; microbial metabolism, physiology and growth; microbial genetics; microbial disease and the immune response; environmental and industrial microbiology.
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