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Miramar College, Fall 2009 Biology 205 Microbiology Diversity Presentation Topic List & Assignment Details You will be assigned a number that corresponds to one of the groups of organisms listed below on which you will do a 5 minute PowerPoint Presentation . For example: if you are assigned group 1, you should research Rickettsia , Wolbachia and Beijerinckia but present information specific to one member from this group. Some assignments include specific genera; some include orders, classes or phyla, but in all cases, presentations should focus on a specific portion of the assigned group. You may use your book as a reference, but you should also go to the library/online resources and do original research on individual organisms (beware of disreputable online sources). If you’re unsure as to how to present the information, check out the “Sample Presentation” on the course website. Include the following information in your presentation where applicable. Presentation (these topics may not fit every assignment) 1. A taxonomic hierarchy (see Figure 10.5 and 11.1) 2. Information on the life cycle or reproductive strategy as it applies to the entire group of organisms (information on “routine” binary fission does not need to be explained- simply stating it is fine). 3.
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diversity_presentations_f09 - Miramar College Fall 2009...

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