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Abstract - Key Words - understand its concepts and apply it...

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KEYWORDS Database, Database Management Systems (DBMS), Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), Software Engineering, Software Engineer, Waterfall Approach, Employees Leaves Management System, Dataflow Diagram (DFD), Entity Relationship (ER), Access Programming ABSTRACT Nowadays Employees Management Systems are very critical systems, that help managing and planning the human resources in the organisation, however, absence of such systems have extremely negative impact on work efficiency and quality. At Western Medical Region (WMR), the problem exists due to the use of too primitive manual system in order to manage employees' leaves, which as a result causes many problems & on daily basis, furthermore, increases the expenses adding more accumulative costs to the organization. In this project I am willing to establish a strong background about Database Management Systems, and Software Systems Development Methodologies as well, so that I can
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Unformatted text preview: understand its concepts and apply it effectively on this project. Moreover, WMR current system procedures will be examined, defining its problems, and then find the new system requirements and specifications, using the suitable information gathering techniques. After that I will analyze these requirements, so as to conceptualize the current and required systems process / data models, applying the appropriate tools and techniques that help me create the new system design. Consequently, I will do the coding, implementation, and testing to the basic functions of the new system, also via the best methods and techniques. This project will not address employees' leaves from an administrative aspects, I will not discuss in this project the best management practices concerning how to manage employees, nevertheless, this project examines how to automate the current manual system that is being used in managing employees' leaves at WMR....
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