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MATH 342-010 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra II Fall 2009 Due December 2, 2009 Project (Least Squares Circle) The parametric equations for a circle with center (3, 1) and radius 2 are x = 3 + 2cost y = 1 + 2Sint Set t = 0: .5: 6 and use MATLAB to generate vectors of x and y coordinates for the corresponding points of the circle. Next add some noise to your points by setting
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Unformatted text preview: x = x + 0.1 * rand(1, 13) and y = y + 0.1* rand(1,13) Use MATLAB to determine the center c and radius r of the circle that gives the best least squares fit to the problem. Set t1 = 0:0.1:6.3 x1 = c(1) + r*cos(t1) y1 = c(2) + r*sin(t1) and use the command plot (x1, y1, x, y, 'x') to plot the circle and the data points....
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