ABDC 4 - They didn’t play to the crowd Yeah they could do tricks but showed no showmanship Jabba and Super won because they did not just tricks

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Quest Beatfreaks Team Millenia Strikers-B I don’t think teams that rely too much on one talent go too far in the show. Not that they’re not good at their talent, it’s just that crews like these are too one-dimensional. Even though these types of crews will try very hard to assimilate other forms (especially the ever popular hip-hop), they only serve to get in the initial TV ratings to get ABDC going. Though I think they will be very hard to beat should they go in the bottom two; stepping is all about competitiveness. BeatFreakz-A They can do it all. Popping, locking, bboying. I can definitely see them go far in the game. The fact that they are girls gives them many different ways to go about their performances. Some girls can go the rugged, bboy look and others can do sassy (watch it, it’s going to happen all in one performance). GOP-Fail
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Unformatted text preview: They didn’t play to the crowd. Yeah they could do tricks, but showed no showmanship. Jabba and Super won because they did not just tricks, but also integrated them with showmanship. I didn’t see a lot of energy in their dances. The fact that they gave excuses to their lack there of performance just made me not even want to vote for them. Too bad since they got booted first. Quest-A One of the things I think that automatically sets a crew in top 3 is theatrealicaty. If you play to the crowd, you’re going to win A LOT of votes. They have popping, locking (dude, I can’t wait to see Ryan’s locking choreo…he reminds me a lot of Tony Tran). The fact that people already know about Hok is going to reel in more votes for them. Heck…this might be early but I see them being ABDC 4 winners. Unless TM gets their act together....
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