Lesson_4.3 - Pleasedonotcopy,cite, CheongLeePeng,CLS,NUS su...

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Please do not copy, cite, reproduce or circulate without the permission of  Cheong Lee Peng, CLS, NUS Lesson4.3 (Page 32) http://breeze.nus.edu.sg/lesson4c/ su u ǒ yuàn u u u chàng u u chuān u u u u 4.3 -1 su ǒ place; measure word for building Place: a household e is built using an axe e http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/chargif/char/cbf9.html suǒ u uu therefore Yīn u we`i u u hěn u máng u u suǒ u u u u xué u huà u huà u u suǒ u yǒu u de u u all
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Please do not copy, cite, reproduce or circulate without the permission of  Cheong Lee Peng, CLS, NUS Suǒ u yǒu u de u u xué u shēng u dōu u máng u ma u u u suǒ u u xué u u an university Guó u u shì u u suǒ u yǒu u míng u de u u xué u u 4.3- 2 yuàn u Wish Issuing e from the head e (or heart e – simplified version) http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/chargif/char/d4b8.html u yuàn u u yuàn u shì u u ……
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This note was uploaded on 12/23/2009 for the course CENTRE FOR LAC1201 taught by Professor Cheongleepeng during the Spring '08 term at National University of Singapore.

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Lesson_4.3 - Pleasedonotcopy,cite, CheongLeePeng,CLS,NUS su...

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