Lesson_4.5 - Pleasedonotcopy,cite, CheongLeePeng,CLS,NUS...

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Please do not copy, cite, reproduce or circulate without the permission of  Cheong Lee Peng, CLS, NUS Lesson 4.5 (Page 34) http://breeze.nus.edu.sg/lesson4e/ xīn ī jiā ī shān ī ī ī zhì ī dōu ī dǒng ī zài ī jiàn ī 4.5-1 xīn ī new Branches cut off e a hazel tree e for burning http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/chargif/char/d0c2.html xīn ī shū ī :new book xīn ī nián ī :New year http://www.bluetec.com.cn/asp/mymandarin/bishun/bishun2.htm e & 10e
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Please do not copy, cite, reproduce or circulate without the permission of  Cheong Lee Peng, CLS, NUS 4.5-2 jiā ī add; increase Force is muscle e , which has been added to words from the mouth e http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/chargif/char/bcd3.html jiā ī shàng ī : add jiā ī shàng ī ī ī zhè ī l ǐ ī ī gòng ī yǒu ī shí ī ī rén ī ī http://www.bluetec.com.cn/asp/mymandarin/bishun/bishun2.htm e 9e L4.5-3 shān ī hill; mountain http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/chargif/char/c9bd.html gāo ī shān ī ī mountain
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Lesson_4.5 - Pleasedonotcopy,cite, CheongLeePeng,CLS,NUS...

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