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Department of Finance & Accounting NUS Business School National University of Singapore FNA1002X FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Semester 1, 2007/2008 FURTHER INFORMATION ON HOMEWORK MANAGER 1 Objective Working out the end of chapter exercises and problems is an integral part of the learning process. The primary objective of the online assignments is to give students additional practice with solving accounting problems, and in so doing reinforce their understanding of accounting concepts and principles. McGraw Hill publishing company has bundled with the textbook the Homework Manager (hereafter “HM”). The HM is an online homework manager software. The software will grade the assignments on the spot and provide the correct answers for incorrect submitted answers, giving immediate feedback. Most of the questions will be taken from the end-of-chapter materials of the recommended textbook for FNA1002X (i.e. Financial Accounting, 13e, by Williams et al. ). However, the HM software may generate different online questions for different students (using an algorithm). The numbers and amounts used in the online questions may differ from those used in the textbook. Assessment Although the primary objective of the online assignments is to help students learn (and not to assess them), past experiences have shown that students need to be motivated to work on them. Thus, 15% of the course grade is assigned to the assignments. There will be 6 to 8 online assignments: The first assignment will be graded within HM only but will not count towards the 15% as it is meant for students to familiarise with the software. From the second assignment onwards, every assignment will count towards the 15%. For each assignment, there will be usually 5 or more questions with points allotted for each question. (HM will inform you of this.) HM software will award points for each answer given by you. A passing level of points will be stated for the assignment (by HM), and 1 Prepared by Dr. Chng Chee Kiong. This guideline is modified by Dr. Edmund Keung for FNA 1002X in the current semester.
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this is set at greater than 75% because the assignments are open-book and credits are awarded on a pass/fail basis: If you passed the assignment, you will get 3 marks. If you fail the assignment, you will get 1 mark for having genuinely
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FNA1002X_further_info_on_HM_-_Aug1_2 - Department of...

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