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Department of Finance & Accounting NUS Business School National University of Singapore FNA1002X FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Semester 1, 2007/2008 GROUP PROJECT Objectives of Project This project requires students to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom to extract information relevant for investment decision making from the annual report of a listed company. It is part of continuous assessment and the aims are to: 1. Understand the presentation of information in the annual reports of companies listed in Singapore; and 2. Interpret the information in the annual reports based primarily on what has been learnt in the lectures and the tutorials. Project group size Each group should have 3 to 4 students. Usually the project group is the same as the presentation group in the tutorial unless otherwise approved by your tutor. The project group must comprise members from the same tutorial group. Assessment Each group will have to turn in: 1. A hard copy of the project report; and 2. A CD-R containing a soft copy of the annual report of the company used in the project, a soft copy of the project report, and any other documents relied upon in completing the project report (e.g., Excel spreadsheets for ratio calculation, articles from the press, etc). The project report constitutes 25% of the assessment for the FNA1002X module. The assessment of the project report is based on (in order of importance): Content (accuracy of the answers to the project questions) Standard of writing (fluency of English) Overall presentation and organization of report (use of tables, illustrations, and/or other visual aids).
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Submission and due date The project report should be printed on one side of plain (white) A4 paper, with 1.5 spacing, and be no more than 20 pages including cover page, tables, annexes and bibliography. Font size used should be Times 12 points or equivalent. Number all pages. Extra pages will not be marked. On the cover page, indicate the name of the company, project group members (name and matriculation number), tutorial group and tutor’s name. The project report is to be submitted to your tutor by 5:00 pm on 15 November 2007 (Thursday). Early submissions are perfectly acceptable but late submissions will not be accepted (we are strict on deadlines). Your tutor will inform you of the submission location. Instruction and timeline of the project 1. Confirm your project group. 2. Choose one of the following companies listed on the SGX: Breadtalk Food Junction Food Empire Isetan Robinsons CK Tang Courts Popular Sembcorp Industries Venture Sincere Watch The Hour Glass 3. Download the latest complete annual report (not just the financial statements) yourself (it is your project) from the website of the company or from the Singapore Exchange (SGX) website. For companies with year-ends from January to March, the latest annual report will be for
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FNA_1002X_Project - Department of Finance & Accounting NUS...

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