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FNA 1002X Semester 1, 07/08 1 Prepared by Dr. Vincent Chen and Dr. Edmund Keung Department of Finance and Accounting NUS Business School National University of Singapore FNA 1002X FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Semester 1, 2007/2008 LECTURE AND TUTORIAL SCHEDULE Note: “Readings” and “Tutorial Questions” are from “Financial Accounting” (13 th edition) by Williams et al. , unless otherwise stated. Unless specifically excluded, ALL pages in a stated chapter and other readings are examinable (even if not covered in lecture or tutorial). Topic No. Lecture date Topic and Sub-topics Readings Tutorial date Tutorial questions 1 13/08/07 Overview of Financial Accounting 1. Understanding the forms and the principal activities of business firms 2. Understanding the purpose and content of the four principal financial statements 3. Understanding the career opportunities in accounting Chapter 1 (Self- reading: pp.17-24 “Integrity of Accounting Information) 2 20/08/07 Processing Accounting Information (I) Overview of Financial Statements 1. Overview of financial statements: balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows 2. Accounting principles and equation 3. Relationships among financial statements Chapter 2 Week beginning 27/08/07 Case 1.3 (Accounting information system) Problem 2.7B (a only) (Preparing a balance sheet) Problem 2.9B (Preparing a balance sheet)
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FNA 1002X Semester 1, 07/08 2 Prepared by Dr. Vincent Chen and Dr. Edmund Keung 3 27/08/07 Processing Accounting Information (II) Accounting Cycle 1. Accounting cycle 2. Double-entry system of accounting 3. Journal entries Chapter 3 Week beginning 03/09/07 Problem 3.5B (Journal entries) Problem 3.6B (Short comprehensive problem) Case 3.1 (Revenue recognition)
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FNA_1002X_tutorial_outline_-_Aug1 - Department of Finance...

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