MT1 - FIRST MIDTERM EXAMINATION 1 True or false because...

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FIRST MIDTERM EXAMINATION 1. True or false: because enzymes are produced by living organisms and because they allow chemical reactions to occur that would not otherwise occur, enzymes represent an exception to the proposition that “life obeys all the laws of chemistry and physics.” a. true b. false 2. A typical bacterial cell could be a sphere 1 μm in diameter; a typical protist cell could be a sphere 100 μm in diameter. In volume, the protist cell would be _______ larger than the bacterial cell. a. 10 2 times b. 10 4 times c. 10 6 times d. 10 8 times e. None of the above answers is correct. 3. Camilla would like to demonstrate to her cell biology class that the nuclear envelope of a fungal cell is connected to the endoplasmic reticulum (e.r.). She found an electron micrograph that showed the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum, but it did not show any connection between the two organelles. What is the most likely explanation? a. The connections are always broken when cells are fixed for electron microscopy. b. Only rough e.r. connects to the nucleus, and fungal cells do not have any rough e.r. c. The nuclear envelope of fungal cells is a lipid bilayer, and the e.r. is a lipid monolayer. d. The connections are small, and a single thin section through a cell is likely not to include one. e. The nuclear envelope of a fungal cell connects to the plasma membrane instead of the e.r. 4. Mark ground up some chicken liver tissue with a mortar and pestle until it was a homogeneous suspension. He then put it in a test tube and subjected it to 10-min of centrifugation at 2000 r.p.m. He poured off the supernatant and looked at the material in the pellet under a microscope. He expected to see one round organelle, the largest in the cell. Which one? a. nucleus b. cell wall c. ribosomes d. mitochondria e. chloroplast 5. The electron microscope images of a eubacterial cell and a plant cell can be distinguished because only one of them has . .. a. a plasma membrane b. a mitochondrion c. a cell wall d. ribosomes
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MT1 - FIRST MIDTERM EXAMINATION 1 True or false because...

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