MT2 - SECOND MIDTERM EXAMINATION 1. The reactions shown in...

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SECOND MIDTERM EXAMINATION 1. The reactions shown in the diagram at the right occur in the cells of ash tree roots. From the inputs and outputs you can tell which metabolic pathway this is. If you know which pathway it is, you know where in the cell it occurs. Where? a. extracellular space b. cytosol (endoplasm) c. stroma of chloroplasts d. matrix of mitochondria e. thylakoids 2 pyruvic acid 6 H 2 O 6CO 2 2 (GDP+Pi) 2(GTP+H2O) 8 (NADH + H + ) 8 NAD + 2 FAD 2 FADH 2 2. When the roots of the ash tree are flooded, their supply of O 2 is greatly reduced. Under this condition they produce a toxic compound. What is that compound? a. CO 2 b. ethanol c. glucose d. NAD + e. pyruvic acid 3. The compound DNP was used as a weight reducer in the early part of the twentieth century. DNP causes H + to leak from one side of a membrane to the other down its concentration gradient. In mitochondria DNP would tend to inhibit. .. a. the synthesis of ATP. b. the uptake of O 2 . c. the oxidation of glucose. d. the production of NADH. e. all of the processes listed above. 4. If you draw a diagram that couples photosynthesis and respiration together, you will show that free energy goes into the system as light, and it all comes out as . ..(choose the most complete answer). .. a. ATP b. ATP + heat c. glucose + O 2 d. light e. NADH
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5. Consider an accessory pigment in an oak leaf that absorbs a green photon. The excitation energy is transferred to the chlorophyll in the reaction center of Photosystem I (PSI). If there is no NADP+ to accept an excited electron from PSI, the energy will be lost by fluorescence, the emission of a light photon. What color will the photon be? a. red b. blue c. green d. ultraviolet e. any of the foregoing
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MT2 - SECOND MIDTERM EXAMINATION 1. The reactions shown in...

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