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As our reading make quite clear there are problems with the use of passwords to security. A long enough password to be truly hard to use (I once had a 16 digit random generated password. Anyone think I could remember it?). Passwords short enough to be usable (typically 8-11 digest) are not very strong. For this question do not consider badges, tokens or biometrics). Discussion question: What can we do to make passwords a stronger authentication mechanism. (Consider length, complexity, character sets, challenge response etc --- anything but cards, tokens and biometrics). I have an RSA SecureID token. It costs something like $14. When I log into the
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Unformatted text preview: system I use I have to input a number based on my 4 digit pin (that I selected) appended with a six digit number from the SecureID token (the number is random and changes every 60 seconds). Discussion Question: Why aren't SmartCards and tokens used more? What are the barriers to their use? Discussion: Biometrics are regarded as the strongest (compared to the other two ways we have discussed). When do you think biometrics will be in widespread use (find a source on the Web to support your idea)....
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