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Lecture12 - The data is historical and it’s size is...

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List and describe the difficulties in implementing a data warehouse. Include references. One of the difficulties in implementing the data warehouse is maintaining the data consistency. Since the data comes from difference sources, the attributes might have difference format or might be in different units. For instance, the dates in one source might be stored in month/day/year format, and in day/month/year format in another source (European format). The management needs to chose one storage format, and the applications would need to implement the conversion functionality if needed.
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Unformatted text preview: The data is historical, and it’s size is getting bigger with time. New records with a time stamp are added when the source data are changed. Hence, there is a need to have enough storage space, especially when the changes are frequent. Due to the space limit, the management needs to decide at what age the data needs to be purged. Since the data must be current, the managers need to consider how often the data should be refreshed to reflect the changes. Kimball, R. (1998) The data warehouse lifecycle toolkit . NewYork: Wiley & Sons Inc. ....
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