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Distributed Systems: Fall 2009: Homework 1 17/11/2009(Tue) Due Date: 1. P2P Overlay Networks. (25 pts) Consider the peer-to-peer (P2P) overlay routing network based on Chord shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Chord circle 1.1 Which node is responsible for key 15? 1.2 Which node is responsible for key 4? 1.3 Indicate the order of visited nodes when routing a message with key 15 from node N 20 . 1.4 Suppose a node N 15 only knows node N 20 and joins the network by contacting this node. Describe the steps taken to set up and adjust successor and predecessor pointers. 2. What is meant by a multi-tiered client-server architecture? (5pts) 3. What is the role of middleware in a distributed system? (5pts) 4. Explain what is meant by (distribution) transparency, and give examples of different types of transparency. (5pts) 1
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5. These are the key terms and concepts. (10 pts) 1 Distributed System 9 Vertical distribution 2 Openness 10 Access transparency 3 Hybrid architectures 4 Cluster computing 5 Scalability 6 Layered architecture 7 Protocol 8 Interceptor
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