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Fig Research and Discovery Worksheet

Fig Research and Discovery Worksheet - Fig Research and...

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Fig Research and Discovery Worksheet Briana Sinquefield I chose to research about the state of race relations in America, both historically and current in order to compare these with what I’ve read in Dream from my Father by Barack Obama. I think my research did help to deepen my interpretation of Dream from My Father because it broadened my horizons on the whole race relationship in the United States of America. One major theme I traced throughout the book was tension between races, and tension within oneself in relationship to racial identity – or shall I say multiracial identity. What I researched explained the history of why these tensions exist. It gave a history that explained the reasons for Barack’s challenges growing up in the United States of America. One book I looked through talked about how times have changed so greatly and that the relationship between whites and blacks has improved vastly – to the point of having a black president, Obama himself.
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