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chemical formulas notes 2008-1 - Name Notes Chemical...

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Name___________________________ Per. _____ Notes: Chemical Formulas NOTE: This set of class notes is not complete. We will be filling in information during class. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the missing information from a fellow classmate. In this unit, we will learn to name and write formulas for ionic and molecular compounds and acids . I. Ionic Compounds Ionic compounds are formed when 2 ions of opposite charge attract , forming an ionic bond . Simplest kind of ionic compound is attraction between metal ion and nonmetal ion. These are known as binary ionic compounds. Examples: NaCl MgF 2 CaO Ionic compounds can also include polyatomic ions (see list p. 6 of notes) substituted for either the metal, the nonmetal, or both ions. These are known as ternary ionic compounds. Examples: AlPO 4 NH 4 F (NH 4 ) 2 SO 4 Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds Ionic compound formulas are always written with the positive ion followed by the negative ion. Steps in formula writing: 1) Determine the charge (oxidation number) on each ion through one of the following ways: Representative elements (Groups 1-2 and 13-18 on the Periodic Table): look at the charge that you wrote on your periodic table for the appropriate column. Examples: sodium is +1, aluminum is +3, chloride is -1 Transition metals : look up the charge on p. 6 Polyatomic ions : look up the charge on p. 6 2) Write the positive ion’s formula first , and the negative ion’s formula second . (same order as in the written name) 3) Write the charges above each ion. 4) “Criss-cross” or “drop and switch” the ion charges to create a neutral compound. If the two subscripts can be reduced, do so. 1
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Examples: Write formulas for the following 1. barium iodide (Ba 2+ and I - ) _________________ 2. calcium oxide (Ca 2+ and O 2- ) _________________ 3. copper (I) chloride (Cu + and Cl - ) _________________ 4. sodium nitrate (Na + and NO
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chemical formulas notes 2008-1 - Name Notes Chemical...

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