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Medical terminology- 9-16-09 Integumentary System System approach A) System v. Organ o Greek Systema- Compound of parts/ body of soldiers o Greek organon- instrument, tool, a thing for making or doing, musical or surgical instrument B) Integumentary System o L. integumentum- covering, cloak or disguise o Includes: o Skin and its appendages Hair, nail, sweat, sebaceous glands o 1 st line of defense against bacteria, chemicals and injury o Helps regulate temperature- sweat o Prevents water loss or gain o Sensory- has many nerve endings in it o Respiratory- only for animals that have moist skin that they breathe through o Ex. Worms and frogs I) Ancient notion of skin breathing o Blood vessels “breath” through pores in the skin o Arteries draw in air (pneuma) through the skin and expel water o Moderates heat in the body o Thought that the heat that we had is what kept us alive o Empedocles (c. 492-432)- earliest theorist about this notion o Galen- believed with systoly air goes out and distoly air comes in C) Skin
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o Largest organ in the body o Can weigh up to 20 lbs o Know the major levels/layers o 2 structural layers of epidermis I) Dermis- L. – hide, skin- “true skin” a. Connective tissue layer b. Contains: i. Blood and lymphatic vessels ii. Nerves and nerve endings iii. Glands iv. Hair follicles v. Network of elastic and collagen fibers (gives elasticity and toughness) II) Epidermis a. Squamous layer- L.- scale- fish or armor b. Stratum- stretched out thing- L. c.
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9-16-09 notes - Medical terminology- 9-16-09 Integumentary...

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