9-30-09 cardiovascular system

9-30-09 cardiovascular system - Cardiovascular SystemA...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-30-09Cardiovascular SystemA) Combining Forms for the Cardiovascular System•Vesselangi/oangioplasty- repair of a vessel (usually blood vessel)Angiocardiopathy- disease of heart vesselVas/ovasectomy- excision or removal of vas deferenceVasovasostomy- creation of a hole between 2 vesselsVascul/ovascular- pertaining to vesselsVasculitis- infection of vesselsVasculogenesis- creation of vessels•Aortaaort/oaortic- pertaining to aorta•Arteryarteri/oarteriosclerosis- condition of hardening the arteryArteriorrhexis- •Fatty paste (lipid)ather/oatheroma- fatty paste tumor•Heartcardi/ocardiology- study or treatment of the heartCardiomyopathy- disease of the heart muscleCardiotachometer- measurement of the speed of the heart beat•Circle, crowncoron/ocoronary- •Muscle my/omyocardial- pertaining to heart muscle•Chestpector/opecotoral/ pectoralgia- pain in the chestSteth/ostethomyositis- inflammation of the chest muscleStethoscope- invented by Rene T.H. Laennec- 1816 •Pulsesphygm/osphygmomanometer- pulp hand pulse measurerSphygmotonometer- measure of tension produced by pulse•Clotthromb/othrombocyte- plateletThrmbogenic- production of clot- anything that produces a clotThromboplastic- formation of clot- something that makes the clot faster•Swollen, twisted veinvaric/ovaricosis- •Veinven/ovenous hyperemia- passive hyperemiaPhleb/o phlebitis- inflammation of the veinPhlebotomy- incision into veinPhlebomyomatosis- condition of vein with muscle tumor•Atriumatri/oatrioseptopexy- fixation of separation of atrium•Ventricleventricul/o...
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9-30-09 cardiovascular system - Cardiovascular SystemA...

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