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10-4-09- blood and lymph system

10-4-09- blood and lymph system - Blood and Lymph system A...

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10-5-09 Blood and Lymph system A) Combining forms Germ/bud blast/o blastocyte - cell that produces something, embryonic cell Osteoblast - bone forming cell Erythroblastemia - condition of increased red blood cells Color chrom/o achromotrichia - condition of colorless hair Chromosome -( som/o- body- e- substance)- body that has color (DNA showed up with stain and they called it a chromosome) Chromat/o chromatophilic - (Gr. Philos- love)- something that likes color or can be stained Chromatophore - (Gr. Phoros- to bring or bear something)- things that bring color Juice chyl/o cylemia - pertaining to condition of juicy blood Chyliferous - brings along chyl- or contains chyle Blood hem/o hemopoiesis - condition that makes blood Hematoma - tumor of blood Hemopneumopericardium - blood and air around the heart Safe immune/o (immunis- safe from taxes) immunology - study of immunity Immunogenic - production of immunity Clear fluid lymph/o (lympha- spring) lymphadenectasis - expansion of a lymph gland Lymphangiitis - inflammation of the lymph vessel
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Form morph/o (Gr. Morphe) morphogenetic - creation of form Eat, swallow phag/o phagophobia - fear of being eaten or swallowed Phagocyte - eats cells Bone marrow or spinal cord myel/o myelocyte - bone marrow cell Myelocythemia - condition of blood- bone marrow cells Formation plas/o aplastic - not forming something at all Hypoplastic - deficient formation Neoplasm - new formation- deals with tumor or cancer Net reticul/o reticulocyte - cell that looks like a net Reticulocytopenia - net of reticulocytes Spleen splen/o splenomegaly - enlargement of the spleen Splenoceratosis - condition that hardens the spleen Clot thromb/o thrombocyte - synonymus with platelet Thrombolymphangitis - inflammation of the lymph vessels due to a clot Thymus gland thym/o thymicolymphatic - pertaining to too much thymic gland going into lymph system
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10-4-09- blood and lymph system - Blood and Lymph system A...

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