10-14-09 respiratory system

10-14-09 respiratory system - 10-14-09 Respiratory System...

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10-14-09 Respiratory System A) Ancient views on respiration Galen’s “On the Use of Breathing” o Asclepiads- source of the soul itself o Praxagoras- nourishment for the soul o Philistion and Diocles and Aristotle- cooling of the inborn heat o Erasistratus- to replenish the arteries o All the way up to the 17 th century it is galen’s view that predominates Said that respiration is for cooling of the innate heat and it is also for nourishment Says that it is in the left ventricle Believed that blood was filled with air (pneuma) Robert Boyle (1627-1691) o “New Experiments”… touching the “Spring of the Air” o Fire and animals cannot survive in a vacuum Air is necessary for life itself Rober Hooke (1635-1702) o “Micrographia”- his book o Respiration involved a component of air Richard Lower (1631-91) o First to do blood transfusion o Differences between venous blood and arterial blood
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o “Tractatus de corde”- Treatise on the Heart o Overturned the Gelenic belief that pneuma united with blood in the left ventricle of the heart o Lungs vivified the blood o There must be “nitrous spirit of the air” that is vital to life, which is mixed with the blood in the lungs John Mayow (1641-79) o “De respiratione”- On respiration o Purpose of respiration was to communicate “nitrous particles” from the air to the blood during the pulmonary circuit o Essential for muscle contractions via explosions- heart stops when there
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10-14-09 respiratory system - 10-14-09 Respiratory System...

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