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10-26-09 endocrine system

10-26-09 endocrine system - Endocrine system A Combining...

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10-26-09 Endocrine system A) Combining forms Aden/o gland (acorn) adenectopia- condition where a gland is out of place adenoid- gland Adren/o adrenal gland adrenotropic- something that gets adrenaline going (above the kidney) adrenalectomy- excision of the adrenal gland Andr/o male androgenous-something that forms male characteristics androgynous- cant tell if its male or female Crin/o to secrete endocrine- something that separates within (to separate) exocrine- something that separates without Dips/o thirst polydipsia- excessive thirst- caused by low volume of blood, low blood sugar haemadipsia- terrestrial leech- blood thirst Gluc/o sugar cytoglucopenia- abnormal reduction of sugar in cells glucose/o; glyc/o; glycos/o hyperglycemia- excessive sugar in blood glycosuria- excessive sugar in the urine glycosialia- excessive sugar in the saliva Hormone/o hormone homonopoiesis- making of hormone (an urging on) hormonotropic Ket/o ketone bodies ketolysis- breaking down of ketone bodies ketoacidosis- increased acidity of ketone bodies
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Pancreat/o pancreas pancreatolithectomy- removal of stone from pancreas pancreatoncus- tumor in pancreas Thym/o thymus gland/ thymopexy- fixation of thymus gland mind dysthymia- depression or problem with the thymus Thyr/o thyroid gland thyroaplasia- malformation of the thyroid gland thyr = shield thyrocele- tumor of thyroid gland Thyroid/o thyroidomania- mental condition caused by hyper thyroidism B) Endocrine system overview
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