10-30-09 the eye and ear

10-30-09 the eye and ear - 10-30-09 The Eye A) Combining...

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10-30-09 The Eye A) Combining forms Aque/o water aqueous humor- everything that is before the lens- anterior and posterior Blephar/o eyelid blepharospasm- twitching of the eye- sometimes can last 2 or 3 days or forever blepharochalasis-hypertrophic condition where there is too much skin on the top of the eye and the eye begins to droop blepharoptosis- the eyelid is coming down, lazy eye Conjunctiv/o conjunctiva- tissue between the eyelid and the eye conjunctivitis- inflammation of that tissue Corne/o cornea corneal xerosis- condition of dry cornea corneoblepharon- eyelid in the cornea- its where the eyelid is stuck to the cornea Kerat/o cornea keratorrhexis- rupture of a cornea keratoplasty- take a cloudy cornea and put a clear cornea to replace it Ir/o iris iritis- inflammation of the iris Irid/o iris iridoplegia- paralysis of the iris Cycl/o ciliary body(flattens the lens) cycloplegia- paralysis of the ciliary body cyclopia- one eye Lacrim/o tear lacrimotome- instrument used to make an incision into a tear duct or gland Dacry/o tear dacryocystitis- dacryadenalgia- pain in the tear duct dacryorrhea- excessive crying Ocul/o eye oculogyria- condition of the eye circle- extent where eye can move in a circle Ophthalm/o eye ophthalmology- study of the eye ophthalmotropometer- measurement of how far eye can turn
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Opt/o eye optometry- measuring of the eye panoptic- Phac/o lens phacolysis- Phak/o aphakia- without a lens pseudophakia- false lens- not a contact Phot/o light photoretinitis- inflammation of retina caused because of light- when someone looks at an eclipse for too long or looks at the sun too long photophobia- fear of light Presby/o old age presbyopia- condition of old age Retin/o retina retinopathy- formation of the retina- bad retinoschisis- splitting of the retina cryoretinopexy- fixation of a hole in the retina by something cold Sclera/o sclera sclerakeratoiritis- inflammation of the cornea, sclera and the iris Vitre/o glassy vitreous humor- glass eyeball B) Additional suffix for the eye -opia condition of vision o Hyperopia- far sided- focal point beyond the retina o Myopia- people who are near sided usually squint a lot- focal point is closer to the retina- or if the lens is to thick o Isopia- equal vision o Asthenopia- weakness or tired eyes
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10-30-09 the eye and ear - 10-30-09 The Eye A) Combining...

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