11-16-09 urinary system - 11-16-09Urinary SystemA)...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-16-09Urinary SystemA) Combining forms •Urin/ourineurinophil- something that has an attraction for urine- like certain types of bacteria •Ur/ourineurodynia- painful urinationurogram- x-ray of urinary systemuroplania- condition of urine going outside where it is not suppose to be- like urine in blood•Albumin/o(simple )proteinalbuminuria- protein in the urineL. albumen- egg whitealbuminorrhea- protein discharge in urinealbuminocholia- protein in bile•Bacteri/obacteriabacteriauria- bacteria in urine(little rod)bacteriostasis- something that stops bacteria growing bactericide- something that kills bacteria •Cyst/obladdercystitis- inflammation of the bladderor saccystorrhexis- ruptured bladdercystectasy- dilation of bladder•Vesic/obladdervesicocervical- pertaining to bladder and cervixor vesiclevesicoclysis- washing out bladder-clysis- process of washing something•Dips/othirstpolydipsia- excessive thirst•Ren/okidneyrenocutaneous- pertaining to skin and kidney•Nephr/okidneyheminephrectomy- partial removal of the kidneynephroptosis- downward displacement of kidneynephrophthisis- wasting away of kidney•Glomerul/oglomerulusglomerular- pertaining to glomerulus(ball shaped)•Lith/ostone•Meat/omeatusmeatometer- instrument used to measure how large the opening is...
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11-16-09 urinary system - 11-16-09Urinary SystemA)...

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