9-14-09 - Medical ethics- 9/14/09 Assisted reproduction...

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Medical ethics- 9/14/09 Assisted reproduction Artificial insemination began in 1795- 1 st reported case of art sim by husband o Couple trying to get pregnant and it wasn’t working- they inserted the man’s sperm into his wife’s vagina and it worked o Many people were astounded that you could get pregnant without having sex There are many people today who would like to have children but for some reason they have female or male infertility problems In the last 30 years medical technology has responded to the desire to have children In the 19 th century there were men who were willing to donate or sell their sperm to women who wanted to have a child but for whatever reasons their husbands were infertile or were not able to produce children 1884-1 st case of art sim by donor o Controversy- this is immoral or infidelity Many women postpone having children till they are older o The older you get the less likely you are to get pregnant If you have had a series of abortions that is an obstacle to get pregnant later on If you use drugs, have damage fallopian tubes, bad luck- causes trouble getting pregnant Mrs. Davis had a fallopian tube removed and she kept trying to get pregnant and eventually she had the other tube removed so she couldn’t get pregnant in the normal way o Had to find other means to get pregnant 1978- in-vitro fertilization was successful o Prior to this people who wanted to have a child which with they had some genetic connection with at least the husband they would have surrogate mother o In the 70s surrogacy was very popular- it allowed for the man to have a genetic connection with the child Most famous case of surrogacy was baby Em o Man who wanted a child had his sperm artificially inseminate the woman who volunteered to carry his baby o She got pregnant for $10,000 and agreed to let the couple adopt the baby
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o After the baby was born Mary Beth Whitehead decided that she didn’t want to give the baby to the couple and that she wanted it o A lawsuit was made to force Mary Beth to carry out the contract Lawsuit made in New Jersey- the courts didn’t know what to do with it so they agreed to
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9-14-09 - Medical ethics- 9/14/09 Assisted reproduction...

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