9-17-09 (abortion)

9-17-09 (abortion) - Medical Ethics Abortion 1850 the...

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Medical Ethics- 9-17-09/ Abortion 1850 the Catholic church took a position opposing abortion In the 19 th century in the US the views on abortion was less strict than in the 20 th century The practice and opposition of/for abortion has been around for centuries A controversy arose about the drug thalidomide- drug used to give to women who had morning sickness o Approved in Europe 1 st o A woman in Arizona learned that thalidomide causes severe birth defects so she wanted to get an abortion She couldn’t get it bc in the 1960s many states had prohibited abortion, including Texas Texas has a law saying that it is a crime to perform an abortion She had to go to Sweden to get an abortion In Maryland it was illegal to get an abortion in the 1960s- on the eastern shore of Maryland there were illegal abortion clinic o These clinics were unsafe, unclean, and dangerous In the 1960s a lot of states were changing the laws about abortions, saying abortions were not ok unless there was a really good reason o Possibility of a serious birth defect Sun Hudson- person who has pre-natal testing and discovers that the fetus has thanathophoric dysplasia, is it ok to abort the pregnancy? Roe V. Wade- most controversial opinion that the Supreme Court has ever issued because they wrote the opinion on the cresting of a wave of controversy of abortion o Justice blackbird was a very conservative judge who worked as the lawyer for the mayal clinic o He thought he was writing an opinion that was going to permit abortions in the 1 st trimester, regulate abortions in the 2 nd trimester and prohibit abortions in the 3 rd trimester even if they wanted to o In the 1 st trimester of pregnancy the decision on whether or not a woman wanted to get an abortion was not up to the law it was up to the woman’s physician o The decision would rest with the doctor o The opinion does not say that the woman has the right to decide when to get an abortion
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o In the 2 nd trimester the state has a rule to regulate abortions in a clean and appropriate place o In the 3 rd trimester the states could prohibit abortions by saying that it was more dangerous than delivering a baby or completing a pregnancy o It was an attempt to balance conflicting interest on abortion Griswold v. Connecticut- you can’t make it a crime for doctors to give contraceptives to their patients because that’s a question about doctor/patient privacy o The doctor/patient relationship in the 1 st trimester is protected by the constitution Justice Burger- Chief Justice of Supreme Court o Not in favor of abortion at all-and Roe v. Wade was a unanimous decision o He wrote a second concurring opinion which said that you cannot make it a crime to perform an abortion especially during the first trimester, but its only permissible if the doctor agreed to it He says that they are not approving abortion on demand- women cannot demand an abortion they can ask for it There was abortions on demand- since Roe v. Wade there have be 50 million abortions
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9-17-09 (abortion) - Medical Ethics Abortion 1850 the...

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