Confronting traumatic brain injury- 10-28

Confronting traumatic brain injury- 10-28 - o His memory...

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Confronting traumatic brain injury- 10/28 The doctor put a shunt in his head to drain off the fluid of the brain and relieve the pressure in his skull Causes Vehicular accidents- primary cause in 1950s and 60s Assaults-abuse o Somebody getting beat up o Babies getting shaken violently o Gunshot wounds contact sports o concussions falls o little kids- porches, windows, playgrounds o elderly- hip fracture Video Matt was devastating o He was badly beaten up by a group of teenagers in a playground o There were 4 guys who were beating him up o His friends left him in the driveway at home o He was in a coma for Shane was thought to be healing o Shot himself in the head with a 3-57 magnum o A flat EEG is not a significant test to tell whether someone is brain dead or not o Needed long term rehab because of his physical disabilities but since he didn’t have insurance they just “fit him in” whenever they could
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Unformatted text preview: o His memory loss problem made it hard for him to go out and get a job Maybe there was hope for Lori Terminology Vegetative state- a person who is not responsive to voice or commands, but they have sleep wake cycles o The person is breathing most of the time by themselves o They are awake but not aware o They dont feel things, they dont hear things, their brains dont process information o They dont have cognitive capacities Coma- as if you were asleep- need to be tube fed o Temporary state that turns usually into a vegetative state 11/2 1990 center for disease control elected information for traumatic brain injuries At the moment in the US death from traffic accidents have gone down because we have better trauma care and can take care of people with brain injuries better...
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Confronting traumatic brain injury- 10-28 - o His memory...

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