C++ Lecture 6 - C Lecture 6...

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C++ Lecture 6 http://www.cs.mun.ca/~gstarkes/3710/c++/lecture6.html 1 of 4 4/13/2009 5:28 PM C++ Lecture 6 [Previous Lecture] [Lecture Index] [Next Lecture] MyPoint.h #ifndef MY_POINT_H # define MY_POINT_H # include "point.h" class MyPoint : public Point { public: double abs() { return sqrt(x * x + y * y); } }; #endif /* MY_POINT_H */ Virtual Methods allows base class methods to be `replaced' (overridden) by deri ved class (even when method is used in the base class) virtual only needed in base class (the same methods in derived class a re implicitly virtual) can't have virtual instance variables a class with a virtual method must define the method (unless. ..) Abstract Methods: Created using the syntax: virtual myMethod(. ..) = 0 ; allows base class to specify an interface without implementing it. forces derived class to implement it (unless they declare the m ethod as abstract). all abstract base classes should have a virtual destructor to allow the subclass destructor to be called Inline Functions and Methods
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This note was uploaded on 12/24/2009 for the course PROGRAMMIN C++ Progra taught by Professor Showman during the Spring '09 term at Zagazig University.

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C++ Lecture 6 - C Lecture 6...

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