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FSAD 4320 Preliminary Examination

FSAD 4320 Preliminary Examination - FSAD 4320 Preliminary...

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FSAD 4320 Preliminary Examination, Fall 2009. Due Friday, October 23 by 5:00PM. Electronic submission is acceptable and encouraged. Answer ALL questions. Use essay format, with full sentences, good grammar, etc. Please be cognizant of academic integrity and work independently on this exam. 1. Your roommate picks up your textile textbook, and comments on the number of acronyms mentioned on the open page. a. Define ASTM and AATCC to her, including the areas of expertise unique to each organization. (7 points) b. Explain the importance of standard specifications to her and explain why they are frequently used in the sewn products industry. (8 points) 2. You are an expert in materials testing at an independent laboratory. A large retailer has consulted you regarding quality assessment of children’s overalls made by two different manufacturers. a. Give 2 reasons the retailer might hire you rather than use their in-house testing facility. (10 points) b. Describe 2 mandatory Federal standards which would apply to this garment, indicating the
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