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1 GEL 1 Final Exam Study Guide Final exam on Monday, Dec. 7 from 8:00-10:00 AM in 1001 Giedt Hall (our classroom). The exam will be comprehensive, but will focus on topics discussed after the midterm. Specific questions will come from topics beginning with the notes on plutonism (#7) and continuing through climate change (#12). But of course I'll expect you to remember the fundamentals of plate tectonics, the interior of the earth and basics of minerals that we discussed pre-midterm since we’ve discussed and reviewed those topics several times throughout the remainder of the course. About 50 multiple choice questions and maybe a few true-false. Bring a scantron 2000 , a pencil and a clean eraser. Have the scantron filled out with your ID number and name before coming to class. The exam is early in the morning on Monday. Don’t be late, please. I’m not required by UCD rules to give you the exam if you arrive late for the final. For each question, there will be 4 wrong answers and 1 right answer. (No "best" answer, only a right answer.) To study - These tips are essentially the same as those from the midterm study guide. 1) Focus on the lecture notes and supplement with the readings from the textbook. 2) Outline the notes - Essentially distill the notes into a few pages and try to discern the key point of each major topic. Hand-copying key statements from the notes is a good way to remember them. 3) Read the book (at the very least look at the images) - if you’ve been keeping up with the reading,
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GEL1FinalStudyGuide_f09 - GEL 1 Final Exam Study Guide...

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