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1 Instructions and Suggestions for Writing in GEL 1 "Scientific" writing? It simply means that you write good clear English. You get little credit for convoluted, verbose, flowery English. Keep it simple. The best scientific writing is always vivid and interesting. Use logical sequences in your presentation: don't jump about from subject to subject. Cite your sources in the text to give credit where it's due (Cowen, 1992) and include a 'References Cited' section at the end of the paper so that your reader can seek out more information from your sources (see examples below). Note how the author of the section above cited himself in an 'in-text reference' between parentheses by (author, date). You need to cite your sources in the same manner in the body of your reports. Ask your TA to specifically go over how to do this before you write your papers. Make no mistake - you are being graded on the quality of your English: on grammar, style, spelling, and clarity, as well as content. Length. No more than 3-4 pages, please (double-space, 1" margins, 12 font). Choose your words carefully and express yourself concisely: it is a skill worth learning. You are welcome to integrate one or two small illustrations into your paper to aid reader comprehension. The images don’t count toward page length. Be sure to refer to the figure in the appropriate spot in the text to properly integrate it (Figure 1). Style. You are writing a point-of-view paper on a scientific topic, so it has to be based on information. Do not use evocative, emotional, or romantic terminology unless the content justifies it. Do not use rhetorical phrases, cliches, puns, or excerpts from fiction, poetry, Shakespeare, U2, or the Bible. Do not use long quotes! In fact, try to avoid quotes altogether. Quotes suggest that
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WritingGEL1papers_f09 - Instructions and Suggestions for...

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