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handout_week_6 - Stereotypes and Masculinity in Science and...

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Stereotypes and Masculinity in Science and Engineering Science, Sex, and Stereotypical Images in Scientific Advertising “Advertisers do not create the stereotypes they employ; they draw upon the cultural norms that are known to all who participate in social situations.” -Mary Barbercheck Stereotypes seen in advertising: MEN WOMEN Assertive Warm Independent Emotional Athletic Romantic Important Affectionate Technical Sensitive Responsible Frail Leadership Domestic Bravery Helpless Aggression Mother Show Ingenuity Nature “Dexter is normally in conflict with his ditzy older sister, Dee Dee, who has an uncanny talent for gaining access to Dexter's lab despite his best efforts to keep her out. Dee Dee eludes all manner of security and, once inside, delights in playing in the lab, often destroying his inventions and creations.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexter%27s_Lab The Power and the Pleasure? “Engineering is a ‘self-evident’ career choice for
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